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Introducing Veggie Milk

The non-dairy milk market is dominated by products that have serious and formulaic branding. As the only milk among them to be made from vegetable ingredients, the product stood out. We thought the brand should, too, and wanted to take it in the direction of something unexpected and delightful, starting with the name. Quirky illustrations brought added personality and a light-hearted treatment to it all. The brand was developed alongside the product, with consumer research heavily influencing both. It paid off when Veggemo was recognized at Expo West before it even launched in stores, and won numerous awards including Best in Show from Canadian Grocer.

Marketing Collateral
Visual Identity
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veggie milk non-dairy bottle format

Building on consumer research findings, we developed a custom bottle shape with hand fit and comfort top of mind.

veggie milk non-dairy bottle pour
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“The team at Pendo are talented professionals with a strong diversified skill set. Most importantly they do not hesitate to challenge status quo thinking to ensure you are differentiated in the marketplace.”
Wade Bayne, VP Sales & Marketing, Global Gardens Group
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